Lightning to the Eiffel Tower conductor. Camille Flammarion.(1905)

A Summer storm 1970. Camera a Box Brownie from a second hand shop. Film Verichrome Pan.

Right - enlarged - two channels intertwined?

Small Halina camera 35mm shutter open as well Box Brownie.

Aerial to Lightning Flash Counter.

Cloud to ground and cloud to cloud discharges.

Halina 35mm. (Look at all those chimney pots - we mined and burned coal in these parts then. Notice the antique television aerials H and X. Most chimneypots and all aerials have gone - television programmes remain unchanged)

Is this not awesome? I can still hear its thunder it was so close.

There was no rain in this storm which may account for the spectacular lightning paths.

There are some excellent photographs of lightning on the Net.